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“I want a sword too!” Heroines in E-rated Games


In my opinion, one of the most appealing aspects about video games is the chance to play a hero. As the hero, you get to exist in a world specifically designed for you and your chances to triumph. There are hardships but it’s those hardships that provide an opportunity to empathize with the emotions and situations of the character you play. You learn to relate, and although you may not always view the character as yourself, you definitely grow an attachment. So, if there is a possibility to get so captivated with the game, shouldn’t there at the very least be a gender option for the hero?… Read the rest

The Stanley Parable: What is Control?


Disclaimer: I have not personally played this game. A youtuber (Philly D) that I follow created a Let’s Play (he only played 3 endings) of this which I watched ages ago and the recent discussions in class reminded me of it so I decided to write about it.

The Stanley Parable is a mod of Half Life 2 and like Everyday the Same Dream and One Chance , it is a game that tests the player’s ability to change something about their reality. The game starts with a narrator explaining that you are a happy worker named Stanley, a.k.a. employee 427, whose job is to push buttons as instructed by the screen in your office.… Read the rest