Author: emartine

Annual Releases

Every year, a new FIFA comes out. Every year, a new Madden comes out. For the past few years, a new Call of Duty comes out. A few years ago, a new Guitar Hero came out every year until the market became over-saturated with music rhythm games and the new releases stopped in 2011. These games are considered to be annual releases, which means a new version of the game is released every year. This year we got FIFA 13, Madden 13, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and many more “annual releases”. These games, essentially, keep on being released every year until they become unprofitable which in the case of the Guitar Hero series they “die”.… Read the rest

“Social” Single Player Games

While watching the Playstation 4 (hereafter PS4) event on February 20, I noticed that there was a heavy emphasis on the social capabilities of the PS4. The PS4 has the ability to share game-play footage and screenshots with very little difficulty, and can even allow the player to take control of another player’s game in order to aid that player. The PS4 even has a dedicated “share” button on the PS4 controller, implying the importance of social interaction in the PS4.


Now, all this talk of “sharing” in the PS4 seems to imply the overall importance that social interaction will have in the future of video games.… Read the rest