Author: dgreene3

SWAT 4; A Game Ahead of its Time



Picture yourself leading a highly trained SWAT team into a desperate hostage situation. Negotiations have failed, and now those civilian lives are in your hands. You must choose your point of entry, and plan out your tactical take down of these criminals, while making sure you and your team stay as safe as possible. You must choose when to use lethal force, or try and take the situation using your countless non-lethal options. And you must choose who goes through each and every door first. In SWAT 4, you will face these decisions in every single mission. Every time you step into a new situation, there will be elements you have not encountered before.… Read the rest

Twilight Imperium: A Complicated Mess, or a Brilliantly Crafted Universe?

You control the fate of an entire species. Everything relies on the battles you fight, and the alliances you forge. Will you battle your way to victory across the galaxy, or will you manipulate your way to a political victory? Your allies will call on your help, will you answer? These are the choices you must face when playing Twilight Imperium.

Twilight Imperium is a strategy heavy board game consisting of many races, and endless tactical possibilities. The game is set in a customizable galaxy where the players fight it out politically, economically, and militarily for the ultimate victory. With endless replay ability, and tons of customization options, the game really brings a new story every time you play.… Read the rest