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Nobody’s Asian in the Gameverse?


[youtube][/youtube] Riffing off of Maurissa Tancheroen’s song, Nobody’s Asian in the Movies, I thought it’d be interesting to offer up my perspective on Asian representation in videogames–specifically, the lack thereof.

I was going to do a close reading of the game Portal, and possibly discuss how the main character Chell strikes me as parallel to Lola in Lola Rennt and just about as badass as Ash in Avalon. However, despite their similarities–they’re women, they learn from their mistakes, they pick up clues on the way leading to a grand finale/showdown, they don’t take anyone’s crap, they’re damn good shots (Well, Lola’s more skilled at Roulette, but she does pick up that gun thing pretty quickly)–there was a striking difference.… Read the rest