Author: Cronimus

Hello, my name is Conor McMahon. I am a Theatre major at University of Mary Washington who is pursuing greater knowledge in costume design and construction. I am using this blog to help me collate my research and experiences. I will also be doing some designs and scanning them in to post here.

Getting tired of missiles. Switching to guns.

The popularity of flight combat simulators seems to be decreasing despite the potential for action the game genre offers. A number of games revolved around the idea of space ships or fighter planes that would do battle with numerous enemies. These games went from side scrolling and vertical scrolling games to games with three-dimensional combat. Games like Freespace, Starlancer, Freelancer, Rogue Squadron, Ace Combat, Strike Suit Zero, Hawx, and many more are all flight combat simulators. These games do well enough in their own right, but people will generally pick the first person shooter before the flight combat sim. So, I want to just explain the awesomeness that is the flight combat simulator genre, and how they seem to be trying to branch out into new gimmicks to help them stay afloat.… Read the rest

Who can take an enemy and make him look so bad? The Helghan man, the Helghan man can!

In a number of video games the player will notice that the enemies they face are generally far different from their own faction. This is especially prevalent in sci-fi and fictional games in general. The game series that I will be concentrating on in this blog post will be Killzone. I feel that this is a great example of a good enemy that is human yet dehumanized by not only what they’re wearing but their characters and their weapons. You’re practically being told to, or being shouted at to, hate them with all of your being. Also, who doesn’t love to be shot at by troopers with cockney accents, am I right?!… Read the rest