Author: cliberty

Some Games Don’t Have Endings

All right I know what you are thinking to yourself: all games have endings. I will admit that usually this is true, usually. Most often when we play a game the goal or objective is to win in order to end the game, however there are some games that really have no definitive ending.

Specifically the one type of game I will focus on where this is true is in design games. Design games is a broad term I am using to describe games where the player chooses the way a particular item physically looks, the most common design game people tend to be familiar with are dress up games.… Read the rest

I Caught on Fire Again: Fire in Sims


Sims have a habit of catching on fire. The strongest memory I have from when I first played Sims 1 as a child was the sudden panic after turning away from the computer screen for one second I returned to find a panicked Sim surrounded by fire and lamenting that I had not installed fire alarms to alert firefighters to save her. Needless to say the first game of Sims I ever played did not go well, as ultimately my carelessness resulted in death by fire for my Sim.

The Sims games are currently on their 4th release and have hundreds of expansions, however with each new release the possibility to accidently cause mass havoc actually has decreased.… Read the rest