Author: Cameron Hodge

Business Model as Genre

The games industry is, as its name implies, an industry—built upon a standard funding and revenue cycle one would expect from any industry. Video games have been the subject of business, mass-marketing and profiteering since their inception. Only until recently, however, there was a clear line between the game and the business. Money was spent to play the game, of course, but the act of playing the game was divorced from the act of spending money on it. One might have had to scrape together the cash to purchase Super Mario Bros. but, once the game started, the player would be far more concerned with mushrooms and turtles than the money that had been spent for the privilege.… Read the rest

The Gandhi Dilemma: Emergence and Games

Veteran players of Firaxis’ Civilization V may have noticed something strange about Mahatma Gandhi. For those of you unfamiliar with the framework of the game: the Civilization series allows the player choose a historical leader and instructs them to build a prosperous civilization through any means they see fit, be they war, trade or diplomacy. When playing alone, the player is pitted against AI-driven leaders of other nations with the goal of establishing global hegemony (though not necessarily complete conquest.) Each AI leader is designed to reflect their historical counterpart’s behavior. Genghis Kahn, for example, will revel in warfare and spurn diplomatic negotiation.… Read the rest