Author: Chelsea

Video Killed the Family Game Night

I don’t know if this is a shared, universal experience but I played a lot of board games when I was younger. More specifically, I was forced to play a lot of board games when I was younger. My mom was very anti-electronics and wanted my younger sister and I to participate in social activities that didn’t involve us staring at a TV and/or computer screen all day. Looking back on this, I was interested in seeing how our society’s view of board games has evolved since the introduction of video games.

There is a coined term for the familial social activity associated with board games: the Family Game Night.… Read the rest

The Oregon Trail’s Cultural Bias

The Oregon Trail - Menu Screen

One of the few experiences I had with video games when I was younger was in the elementary school computer lab. Looking back, I have fond memories of loading my friends onto Conestoga wagons, and hoping none of them died of dysentery or drowned in a freak river fording accident before I made it to Oregon. When I was younger I never questioned what the game was supposed to be teaching me and, instead, focused on the game play itself.  I enjoyed that I was able to make decisions and, in turn, see how these decisions could change the course of the narrative.… Read the rest