Author: Brianna H.

More Than Just Interactive Reading

After looking through the articles on this site in trying to decide what to write on, I stumbled upon this article addressing whether or not the visual novel Hatoful Boyfriend could be considered a game or a “Choose Your Own Adventure” story based around the concept of dating pretty (pigeon) boys. It allowed me to revisit one of the more controversial questions in the video game and electronic literature communities, one that our class shared during our conversation about Gone Home: should a visual novel be considered a game? Just as I have discussed visual novels as a form of electronic literature, I believe that visual novels can be considered video games in some unique circumstances, especially since Steam is now selling them on its site.… Read the rest

A Game of Furry Animals and Dice Rolls


When one thinks of tabletop roleplaying games, they think of a bunch of nerds sitting around a table with pads and pens, rolling dice on the surface and having a game master read to you what happens next. However, with modern society put emphasis on technology and online gaming, it’s not really surprising that more of these games are becoming more technologically advanced. There are websites such as Roll20 which allows people to get together online and play a campaign complete with a detailed map and GM, and there are more classic styles with a new twist: boards games that have a digital map and features.Read the rest