Author: Kip Casper

Sexism in gaming: a one way street

I see many people trying to defend sexism in gaming, making excuses for developers or just dismissing any instance of sexism as overblown. They point to various characters in other games that do empower women, or sexualized male characters. I won’t argue that there are empowering female protagonists in games; I’ll get that out of the way now.  I think there are plenty of improvements being made in the gaming community towards game design and portrayal of women, especially amongst the thriving indie community, and people are too quick to focus on the negatives than look at the improvements. However, the second argument is inherently wrong.… Read the rest

Hotline Miami and Ultraviolence

Feedback is the most crucial components for nearly every game. In order for the gamer to be absorbed in the game, there has to be feedback for his or her actions. Mike Tyson’s Punch Out would be much less engaging if the characters did not recoil from your blows, or if your opponents didn’t start to show some signs of defeat over time.

Imagine spending days continuously trying to beat Mike Tyson, just for him to unceremoniously disappear upon defeat, leaving you with an empty ring. Most would be frustrated, why even bother playing if the game won’t make some sort of show of your achievement?… Read the rest