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Tales of Symphonia: Game or Story?



Caption: Gorgeous 2 minute opening!


About 35 hours later, I (and my roommate, but mostly me) have completed the first of two discs for Tales of Symphonia. Aside from Pokemon, this is the longest game I have ever played. It is originally for the Nintendo GameCube (though was eventually made for the PlayStation 3) and is part of a series known as the Tales Series. It’s an anime-style RPG where, like how I understand most other RPG’s to be, you’re given a series of missions as the game progresses, you fight enemies, level up and customize your characters, and accomplish the missions.… Read the rest

Pokemon: The Lie we’re told as Children



Gotta Catch Em All



Personally, I was a fan of the Pokémon anime before I became a Pokémon gamer, but if you’re at all familiar with the Pokémon franchise, the phrase “Gotta’ Catch ‘em All!” probably rings a bell. Why this phrase? I guess because it makes for really good, really catchy marketing. But once I started playing the games, I had two problems with it. The first is that you are placed into the game as a Pokémon trainer, so catching them all isn’t actually the goal of the game. The second is that, unless you’re a cheater, it’s difficult to say the least.… Read the rest