Author: adavis7

Casual Homophobia and Gaymers



Gaymers “boys who like boys who like joysticks” (or girls who like girls who like buttons)

First off, I would say that a normalization is taking place. There is a Gaymer con which is apparently widely known within the queer community. Anna Anthropy (who programed Dys4ia) wrote a text based adventure spoof on Star Wars called Search for the Gay Planet. While the game is an amusing spoof, It brings up a valid point: where are the non heteronormative characters!? With Gaymers out roaming the mean streets of MMOs, perhaps it will become less common to see gay bashing and casual homophobia.… Read the rest

Women Fighters in Videogames

Okay so I know the class is going to talk about the #1reasonwhy movement tomorrow and that much of what I have to say may very well be a part of planned discussion tomorrow. Or maybe this post will kickstart more conversation. I am %1000 aware of the fact that I am erasing tons of people who have been historically underrepresented or badly represented in videogames but I only have so much space and frankly I could write a dissertation on this subject. Anyway, on to the meat of it!

Women with a very few acceptions have been poorly represented in mainstream videogames.… Read the rest