Author: Ariel

The Order: 1886 (Or How One Game Embodies Much of What’s Wrong with AAA Games)

Recently, a friend of mine was shocked to discover The Order: 1886 in a used games store, as it had only been released a few weeks prior to her visit. Thinking she was experiencing a great streak of luck, she bought the game, when, in reality, she might as well have broken a mirror or walked under a ladder.

It is by no means an exaggeration to say that I found the The Order: 1886 to be baffling on almost every level. After having spent a great deal of time both playing the game and watching my friend play it, I have lost a great deal of faith in AAA titles.… Read the rest

Silent Hill Remastered (Or How to Revive Classics Just to Kill Them)

The remastering of classic games is often the source of a great deal of excitement for fans of the original games and newcomers alike. For devoted fans, it’s a chance to replay beloved games in high-definition, and, for newcomers, it’s the opportunity to finally play lauded games on more readily accessible consoles. Two prime examples of remastered collections include the God of War: Collection (featuring God of War I and II) and the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (featuring Metal Gear Solid 2, 3, and Peace Walker), both of which were widely celebrated for their enhancing of the original games’ resolutions to 720p, while maintaining smooth frame rates and leaving game mechanics and stories unchanged.… Read the rest