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Bad Mother#%*$er


Video Games are merging into popular culture. While they have always been a part of it, they are quickly becoming a seamless component of it, in the same way that television and the internet are not seen as “weird,” but as the very epitome of normal. I have noticed that recently, it seems as though video games have been coming to the forefront of popular culture. In the movie “Spring Breakers,” one of the main characters tells the another to “pretend it’s a video game” when they are about to rob a convenience store. Similarly, video games and the gamer subculture have become increasingly prevalent in other art forms and media.… Read the rest

Start to Finish: Play Cycles in Video Games


I’ve been playing video game since I was five or six. I started with my parents’ original Nintendo and kept playing through every generation of consoles since then. I enjoy many different genres of video games and can play my favorites for hours. What I find really odd and somewhat incongruent with my love of games is that despite how much I enjoy them, I probably only finish one in every four or five games that I play.

I can remember playing the Gameboy Advance Game, Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars, all the way through. And I collected almost everything in Xenosaga: Episode 1.… Read the rest