Medal of Honor: Warfighter, The Game that Never got a Chance

As an avid FPS gamer, I have played various FPS games like COD, Battlefield, Halo, Titanfall, and Destiny.  However, in my opinion, Medal of Honor: Warfighter is by far my favorite and best FPS I have ever played.  The game look amazing on the Frostbite 2 engine and to me still looks nicer than Battlefield and COD.

Starting off with the campaign, it was OK.  Throughout the campaign you either play as Preacher or Stump, going through Tier 1 mission dealing with terrorists and all of their doors.  One of the unique features of this campaign is breaching, where you get to choose to between different ways to break down doors and you get more options the more headshots you get when killing the enemies post breach.  Speaking of enemies, the enemy AI is actually fun to fight against.  When fighting them, they try to out flank you and gain an advantage over you.  A run and gun strategy will be very ineffective and you will die quickly.  Unfortunately, the friend AI is not as intelligent.  All they are pretty much useful for is your infinite ammo resupply.  Another problem is that the campaign is not too long, somewhat choppy, and has a few loose ends.  For example, right in the beginning of them game they talk about a CIA agent that has gone silent.  They don’t know if he is alive, dead, or turned.  The only bit we see him is in a training facility with our main terrorist target that is creating an explosive called P.E.T.N.

Now multiplayer is what really shines for me.  In multiplayer, you get to play as one of 12 Tier 1 Special Forces: SFOD-D, Navy Seals, Grom, KSK, FSK, OGA, JTF2, SAS, SASR, UDT, Spetsnaz Alfa Group, and SOG.  Before I even talk about game play, I would like to talk about the attention of detail and authenticity that is shown in game.  Firstly is the attention of moving parts on the guns.  On most of the rifles, you will see parts like the mag release, bolt catch, or the bolt on a bolt-action move properly.  It may not be a big deal, but its that attention to details that I am a fan of.  Next is the gear they use in game, everything you see is the real deal.  The gear on your character is not some randomly look that other games may use.  The gear is made to look like actual gear like the LBT 1691 or Mechanix gloves.  Also everything on the guns you see is actually used and uses the real names like the H&K 416 instead of the M416 (in Battlefield) using Surefire, Trijicon, or Magpul accessories.

The game play itself is fantastic.  The movement is smooth, the lean and peak system is superior to Battlefield’s or COD’s system since theirs does not have a toggle function, and the gun play is great.  No other game has felt so great with its gun play.  One this is that I do not feel there is such thing as an over powered gun in them game.  Each gun has its own strengths and weaknesses like comparing the 416 against the EBR.  The 416 has more shots, less recoil, and less damage, while the EBR has less shot, more recoil, and does more damage.  Also, using semi-auto has a purpose in this game.  In Battlefield and the later CODs, you have the function to change the rate of fire of your gun, but it would typically give you a disadvantage doing so.  Not in this game.  I found myself being more effective using semi-auto, especially with the higher recoil weapons.  When you fire the guns, they have a very unique feel to them.  They each have their own sound and feel to them.  It is hard to explain and the best example is the Tac .50 in the game.  The Tac .50 is a .50 caliber bolt action sniper, which is an instant kill weapon every time you fire there is this satisfying bang and a 3 second bolt cycle to chamber the next round.  There is also the Fireteam system.  This is where you are partnered with another individual to work together.  You are able to resupply, heal, and spawn on each other.  When an enemy glows red for killing you buddy, you have the chance to immediately bring him back into the game for getting revenge in a short time.

The game has 6 classes: Sniper, Assaulter, Demolitions, Heavy Gunner, Spec Ops, and Pointman.  Each class has their own weapons, grenades, streaks, and abilities.  Sniper and Heavy Gunner have very similar abilities with being able to bipod and spot enemies.  The Heavy Gunner is also able to resupply anyone.  Assaulter gets a grenade launcher.  Spec Ops has the ability to see through walls.  Demolitions have its tank stance where you can take more hits from the .50 cal and plant bombs faster.  Finally Pointman have their heavy hitting rounds where you get 30 rounds of extra damage.

Two game types worth mentioning is Hotspot and Combat Mission.  Hotspot is a game type where there are 5 P.E.T.N locations on a map and each site will randomly activate and an attacking team will have to destroy it.  This is able to keep game play somewhat randomized.  Combat Mission is simply Battlefield’s classic game type Rush.

There are a few downfalls.  One is that classes are not too balanced.  Heavy Gunner and Sniper are the most under used classes since their abilities are not that great while Spec Ops and Assaulter are the most used.  There is also a problem of spawn trapping in game if the teams are too unbalanced.  It was sad to see the lack of destruction despite what we know what Frostbite 2 is able to do.  There also a few bugs, but I did not encounter them very often.

In the end, I found that I really loved this game and I am sad that it “flopped.”  This game has features and game play that I see as better than COD or Battlefield.  I am really sad that I am unable to play this game.

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