Tales of Symphonia: Grasping Close to the Heart

Tales of Symphonia is a game that I have played over and over like a song you cannot get out of your head. The emotion it evokes is completely thought provoking. The characters are all different and unique in their personalities and battle styles. Thinking about this game always makes me think about why I have such an intense passion for it. It’s one of the few games I have actually finished to completion.  The mechanics of the game are so amazing that even to this day I love them. Everything is so thought out and detailed. I think one of the reason I became so close to the game was how it was a two disc game. The entire idea of having a game so long it needed two discs was so mind blowing to me as a kid. The game play while easy for the most part also took a lot of thought and consideration. Side quests were fun, everything was enthralling.


As a outcast for most of my life this game was something close to my heart. The idea of the main characters bringing in other characters, even enemies, was mind blowing to me. The idea of giving second chances to characters that had their own reasons, was so interesting. I believe it created this moral inside me where other people sometimes deserve second chances. It made me learn that sometimes maybe they just want a friend and that just because they might seem a little strange doesn’t mean that cannot give you a meaningful friendship. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses.  Love was very much apart of this story. That family doesn’t necessarily mean blood. This game taught me so much that I couldn’t help but see the enthralling tale it spins.


The beauty of this game really comes into the places you can explore. The detail placed into every area is so gorgeous. Exploration is the best part of the game and it only gets better when you can use the air ships that become available to you later in the game. Exploration becomes less about getting to a location and more about learning about the area and all the little details it creates. It’s not just land either. They game has oceans for which you can traverse across. There are different climates for different areas. The detail placed on different landscapes is truly breathtaking.


The items are all so unique and collecting items becomes half the fun. Collecting recipes and find hidden objects is like a treasure hunt around towns. By creating hidden items, it gives the player a reason to explore entire towns and go into every room and talk to every person. No to mention the weapons change as you equip them. The characters can have items and outfits that you want for them. Items aren’t just given to you, like pellets. I had to work really hard to find them so you can create new statues.


For me as a child, the story line was fun and unique. It was everything a kid for wish for in a game. It didn’t make the game too easy and it was not too hard either. The game gave you the right amount of difficulty so you could use problem solving skills. The story always threw me off too as a child. I thought I knew exactly what was next. Typical story lines dictated this to me. Yet Tales of Symphonia was always a surprise. There was always something new and I felt like I was watching multiple seasons of a tv show. It was actually created into a tv show. When I finally finished the game I stayed up all night. When I finished I was so proud of myself for working through such a long game.


In closing, this game brings together many elements that all work so successfully. It’s engrossing and gets you addicted to everything it has to offer from the moment you begin. The game gives you the time to attach yourself to characters through story and cut scenes. The story itself is so mesmerizing that you you find yourself trying to play as much as you can in the free time you have.

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