Dragon Age Inquisition: More Side Quest Then Game

Dragon Age Inquisition was released back in November of 2014 and was hyped to be one of the best games of the year. Although it was a very fun game, it did not live up to the hype that had been building up. The aspect of this game that made it not live up to its potential was the amount of side quests the player was given. The game had about six actual story impacting missions and each took about 40-60 minutes to complete, altogether the story should only take a couple hours to beat. As a player who has just beaten the game recently, I finished the game logging in over 120 hours. Some might be thinking how is that ever possible for a short game like this. The answer is in the side quests. Here is a link showing just how many side quests there are in the whole game http://www.ign.com/wikis/dragon-age-inquisition/Side_Quests. This list does not include collectables which would add even more time. Because of the way I play, I tried to do all the missions until i got fed up with them and just beat the game. The Dragon Age series has always had a large amount of side quests but Bioware, the creators of the series, has always done a great job blending the side quests into the main story. The side quests in Inquisition felt random and had almost nothing to do with the main story. As one reviewer said, the side quests feel like more chores you do not want to do. Most of those missions listed earlier are very similar too. I can not tell you how many times I had to find a missing person who turned up dead. The side quest also felt like they distracted from the main story to the point that players would forget what the plot of the game was. They would take up so much of the player’s time that the “time sensitive” main plot, where the world could be destroyed” did not seem to matter at all. The player waste so much time finding dead loved ones that by the time the game is over it feels like a huge let down. I won’t write about any spoilers but even the “mind blowing” moments are not that shocking. The last thing the side quest deter from are your relationships with your companions. Dragon Age is a game of choices. The player is allowed to chose dialog options based on the situation at hand. Because you are followed by strong willed companions, in is easy to become loved or hated by them. Another major part of Dragon Age is being able to romance certain companions. You can have your character fall in love with another character through dialog. In Dragon Age Inquisition you can only advance companion dialog after main story mission. Because of this, you were not able to build a connection to your companions as easily as you could in previous games. I had romanced one of the companions but after the big romantic scene I had forgotten that I had done so. I even forgot which companions like me and which ones hated me. The side quests were a major distraction through the whole game but they were not the only problem. The game was very glitchy and had subpar graphics. To be honest, this problem was only for the older gaming systems, Xbox 360 and PS3, but that does not excuse when you go to put new equipment on a character and they look like a poorly put together muppet. There are so many glitches throughout the whole game that if you just goolge it you will find resaults  https://www.tumblr.com/search/dragon+age+inquisition+glitch. There were many thing wrongs with Dragon Age Inquisition and although those things made the game not live up to its potential it was still a good game. The actual game play was easy to pick up, the main story was incredible, and the different areas you could go to were increasable. Those places made me want to explore the world and do all the side quest. The companions, although to do not interact with them as much as I would have liked, were passionate and had full fledged personalities. I loved the world and I loved the game. The game was not as great as it was built up to be but Dragon Age Inquisition was incredible.                                    

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