Holy Character Design Batman!

As comic books have evolved over the years, their stories and characters have grown as well. Golden age superheroes have been given sleek new looks, and darker storylines as comics move into the modern, or dark age. Out of all of the golden age heroes, it seems as though Batman has undergone the most change, which can be most seen in his film adaptations. Because film is so closely related to the comic book world, it is useful to examine how Batman has been translated onto the big screen, throughout multiple adaptations. 27-2-closeup-300x300 We first begin with the original Batman comic  from 1939.… Read the rest

Disorder Caused By Order: I Read the Book and Now the Movie Sucks!

In American culture we seem to be re-living our original love for the comic book genre. New fans and old fans alike flock to see these movie adaptations of old beloved comic books that have remained in public memory for generations. The movies stand alone, as do the comics, but does their relationship end there? As the two may share the same plot, inhabit the same world, do they not affect each other? In this time of book to movie franchises, viewers are previous readers who claim about the book was so much better, even when the movie may closely follow the book.… Read the rest

Business Over Brevity

I feel conflicted. There seems to be a plague sweeping through gaming culture these days, and I don’t know how I feel about it yet so perhaps at the end of this article I will have reached some kind of conclusion. My problem, and the plague that I am referring to is the franchise. If a game is met with enough success nowadays, the company will make a sequel, and if that sequel is met with enough success they make another sequel, and another and another, and more often than not it seems that what started out as a good idea, and what was originally something that many game developers and designers were very passionate about, is now an instance of quantity over quality, the more games they sell, the more games they can make, regardless of whether or not the sequels are matching the standards of their predecessors.… Read the rest

The White Mage: Great Ally or Useless Party Member

In any game where you have to build a team, there are always different classes that you put together to make the perfect team. These classes range from close combat heavy hitting tanks, to long ranged magic using wizards. There are a multitude of different class but that one that no one ever seems to want to use it the white mage. The white mage, or sometimes know as a healer class, is viewed by some as a useless class because their powers mostly consist of healing other team members. Some do not like this because normally a white mage as lower attack power and therefor, cannot do a significant amount of damage to enemies.… Read the rest

Occam’s Razor and Longevity in McVideogame

Earlier this semester I became a little addicted to playing McVideogame and trying to figure out how to last the longest as you can’t really win the game.

It got to the point where I rewarded myself for doing homework by playing McVideogame. I was trying a variety of options, seeing which combination helped me keep the business running for the longest. And I think I was pretty successful.

But I started to wonder if anyone had found a proven method for doing well at this game. I ended up running across this article, which has you do a very small amount of things and then just let the game run without doing anything else.… Read the rest

Let’s Plays: A New Approach to Gameplay

I get stuck in games easily. I get stuck on what people might see as easy levels and after a few tries, I have a tendency to give up. I think it happens to the best of us, doesn’t it? We get stuck on a level and leave it on a dust. But now, instead of not knowing what happens next, we can watch someone else play the game and beat it without having to do anything. All we have to do is watch. Let’s Players make up a large part of youtube that play games for the entertainment of other users.… Read the rest

Distrust or Despair – Danganronpa

WARNING: The following will contain spoilers of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. I highly suggest either watching a game playthrough or play the game yourself before reading this article. The following also contains dark and disturbing themes and visuals.


Imagine yourself transferring over to a new school where it only accepts the best of the best. From the Ultimate Martial Artist all the way to something like the Ultimate Lucky Student, the school handpicks other students to enroll due to their Ultimate abilities. Regardless on why they handpicked you, you approach the school’s doors only to find yourself dizzy and disoriented before passing out.… Read the rest

More Than Just Interactive Reading

After looking through the articles on this site in trying to decide what to write on, I stumbled upon this article addressing whether or not the visual novel Hatoful Boyfriend could be considered a game or a “Choose Your Own Adventure” story based around the concept of dating pretty (pigeon) boys. It allowed me to revisit one of the more controversial questions in the video game and electronic literature communities, one that our class shared during our conversation about Gone Home: should a visual novel be considered a game? Just as I have discussed visual novels as a form of electronic literature, I believe that visual novels can be considered video games in some unique circumstances, especially since Steam is now selling them on its site.… Read the rest

Minecraft: A Gamer’s Space for Creativity

Minecraft is a simple game.  Simply collect supplies, build structures and survive hunger and the many monsters roaming the imaginary world presented in the game.  Even the graphics are relatively basic, the world being presented in a cube-like fashion.  And yet, if you haven’t played Minecraft already, its likely that you’ve at least heard about it.  In fact, it is probably one of the most popular games currently on the market.  How can this be?



The very fact that Minecraft is simple is one of the biggest reasons for its popularity in my opinion.  The game doesn’t bog you down with quest after quest that get more and more difficult as you continue through the game.  … Read the rest